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NFL CBA Series: Paragraph 5 (P5) Salary


Anyone who pays attention to ESPN or NFL Network’s coverage of the NFL has heard the term “base salary.” Surely, most football fans have heard the term “game check” as well. In CBA terms, this is commonly referred to as a player’s Paragraph 5 (P5) Salary because it is set forth in the fifth paragraph of the standard NFL Player Contract. Continue reading


NFL CBA Series: Signing Bonus Proration

Signing bonuses and other amounts with the same designation do not have to count directly against a team’s salary cap in the League Year they are paid. These amounts can be spread over the life of a Player Contract up to a maximum of five years (Art. 13, Sec. 6, I, 93).
Though the team can pay the player the entire payment at once, for salary cap purposes the figure is reduced to make a large signing bonus manageable under the cap. The Packers would have had to gut a good portion of their roster to afford Aaron Rodgers’ $35 million signing bonus this season. The same goes for the Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco. Continue reading

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