2013 NFL Season Predictions: Division Winners, Super Bowl Winner, and the No. 1 Pick

Dear football fans,

Our annual six-month purgatory is finally (yet still mercilessly) reaching its conclusion. It’s tough walking aimlessly with no sense of purpose waiting to be saved.

But soon, with training camps right around the corner, the sounds of pads—clashes among titans fighting for the same prize—will once again pierce the cool summer breeze, signifying the preparatory stages of falls weekly battles.

June is the back stretch of watching old film, scouting new prospects, and catching reruns upon reruns of NFL Network. Sure, it’s the NBA Finals, and we will tune in (even if we are tuned out), but it simply can’t replace the Saturday and Sunday legends of the fall.

As we all know, when the whistle blows, the bodies fall, so any prediction in June can easily fall victim to one play between the lines. However, fans and the media have a fair idea of the kind of squad teams will field on Sundays.

And, besides, it’s never too early to play Nostradamus and serve up some predictions.

In2TheLeague’s editors Anthony “Trumps” Holzman-Escareno and Michael Pankowski, along with authors Adam Wong, Anthony “Twan” Hill, Jr., Marvin Judd, and Jacob Anderson were asked their thoughts on the upcoming NFL campaign.

All have offered their opinions on the NFL’s SportsCenter teams—those fighting in or for the playoffs and the team chasing the trophy in the wrong direction, selecting (hopefully) the best player in college football.

2013 Preseason NFL Staff Predictions Final-page-001

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